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News > Identification of 85,000 eligible applicants for the National Housing Movement in Qom

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The governor of Qom announced;

Identification of 85,000 eligible applicants for the National Housing Movement in Qom

According to the Qom Governor"s Public Relations Office, Seyyed Mohammad Taghi Shahcheraghi said in an interview with reporters on Wednesday during the ceremony of overhauling the 60-unit plan of the National Housing Movement in Qanat: If it is possible and desired by the people, more people will live in the cities around the province such as Dastjerd, Salafchegan, Kahak, Jafarabad and areas that have more urban identity.
The governor of Qom, referring to the start of the executive operation of 60 residential units in the city of Qanavat, noted: This project has already begun, and the General Departments of Roads and Urban Development, Highways and Road Transport and the Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution are three triangular sides And they help each other in the field of construction.
He added: "The General Directorate of Roads and Urban Development also agrees with a section on the threshold of Hazrat Masoumeh, whose agreements have been reached. We hope that the executive work will start in Jafarabad city within the next month." The governor of Qom also referred to the implementation of the national plan of the housing movement in the city of Dastjerd and the Khalajistan district and reminded: "In this city, we faced a problem for many years. The issue was raised during the president"s visit to Qom, followed by the director general of roads and urban development, and a specific solution and route has been determined for it. Although the construction of about 200 housing projects in the province has either started or is about to start, he said: "We hope to see the opening of the first projects in the near future, and to address this concern."



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