Qom Government :
Ring Rail Lines of Qom

Improving the Ring Railway of Qom (double-line)


Qom ring railway requires enhancement in the northwest and southeast segments:

1- Tracking of the second line of Sagheh-Muhammadiyah (39 km) and subgrading (7 km)

2- Tracking of the second line of Qom Roud-Sagheh (55 km) and subgrading (7 km)

Features and Specifications of Railway

1-Rail UIC60
2- B70 concrete sleepers
3- Minimum radius of curvature 500
4- High technical standards of ballasts
5- Pins (connectors) UIC60

Size and Cost of Project

1- Double-lining Sagheh-Muhammadiyah railway (39 km) requires 18 million dollars

2- Double-lining Qom Roud-Sagheh railway (62km) requires 28 million dollars

The Results of Development of this Railway

1. Increasing commercial speed by the approx. 60%
2. Increasing the safety of railway transportation
3. Improving the productivity of trains
4. Increasing customer satisfaction
5. Creating twelve permanent jobs
6. Paving the way to increase investment in the province due to increased cargo




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