Qom Government :
Qom New Beltways

Development of Qom's new beltways

Description of the passage

Qom's new beltways which is counted as a city's fourth ring, has been projected in three main axis in the length of 110 km, in order to direct suburban's traffic. Southeast ring that is connection of Qom-Kashan's freeway to Qom- Salaphfegan's Highway, northwest ring which  is connection of Qom-Salafchegan freeway to Qom- Tehran's freeway, and finally northeast ring which is the connection of Qom-Kashan's freeway to freeway and old road of Qom-Tehran.

Project's particularities and specifications
1. Includes 4 two lined ways, in the width of 3.65m
2. Includes separation distance in the width of 2 m
3. Roads shoulder in the width of 1.5 and 2.9m

Volume of operations and costs
In view of 110 kilometer length of the road and taking into account the multi-level intersections, the Project's required credit is over 100 million dollars.

The result of execution of this ring road development
1. Prevention of entering the suburban's traffic into urban traffic
2. Facilitation and acceleration of vehicles traffic
3. Break up the passing traffic (heavy vehicles with cars)
4. Reduction of fuel cost and travel cost
5. decreasing the points with high accidents
6. reduction of urban traffic

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