Qom Government :
Qom-Salafchegan Axis to Freeway

Promoting Qom-Salafchegan axis to Freeway

Description of passage

Being the connection point of large provinces and crowded cities road axis, and part of east- west and south Eurasia corridors, relation path of Qom to Salafchegan is one of most heavily traveled ways in the country. This axis in city's southwest region, is strategic axis in developing the relation between megacities of Tehran, Esfahan, Qom and Markazy as well as industrial pols of Tehran, Esfahan, Markazy and Save. Development of Salafchegan specific trade zone as well as international Qom's airport and Qom's airport town, alongside the axis, are some reasons to increase its importance. The axis with the length of 45 km, has two line and 1800 vehicle capacity per hour in either direction. Traffic volume during year's specific time is in critical level and blockade with E and F quality.

Projects particularities and specifications

1. 6 two lined motorways, each in the width of 3.65m
2. Including separation distance in the width of 1.6m
3. Asphalted shoulders in 0.8 and 2.45, and dirt shoulders in 2m width.

Volume of operations and costs

By considering 45 km length of road and by taking into account the related multi level intersections, projects required credit is over 64 million dollars.

The results of execution of this freeway

1. Promoting service level of existing band
2. Decreasing the accidents
3. Easing the traffic
4. Reduction the fuel and travel costs

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