Qom Government :
Salafchegan Dry Harbor

Development of Salafchegan Dry Harbor

Location Description

located in southeast part of the province as the most important special economic zone and the closest to the national political-economic center, this area is adjacent to the silk road, national railways, main north, south, east, and west freeways with particular potentials to connect to EU, Middle East, and Persian Gulf countries for production, export, and transit purposes making it capable of playing a considerable role in national economy.

Location description

1. closeness to national political, economic, and trade centers
2. all important national industries are located inside a 230Km radios of this region and main industrial, consuming and production cities including Tehran, Isfahan, Arak, Saveh, and Qom etc. are close to it.
3. the connection bridge between main Middle East and Middle Asian harbors considering its central position in Iran for transitional deposition of raw material and production items.

Operations and Costs

This project needs an estimated funding of  61 million dollars

Dry Harbor Development Outcomes

1. Vast employment opportunities
2. New economic opportunities
3. Improved safety and reduced road accidents
4. Modern and efficient transportation services for the province
5. Considerable incomes for the province
6. Increased transportation capabilities for the province
7. Increased national economic role for the province


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