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According to the official statistics of Iran statistics center, the population of Qom in 2006 is 1/150/000, that from this statistics approximately 93 percents of this population live in cites and 7 percents live in villages. The biggest city of this province is Qom, that from the viewpoint of population is the sixth city in Iran. After the Islamic Revolution, the population of Qom increased very fast. The population of Qom increases a lot because of the existence of holy shrine of Hadrat Masoumeh (s.) religious situation, and the biggest seminary schools of shitte world, so different kinds of people immigrated to Qom from different regions of Iran during the last centuries and resided in the cites and villages.
Foreign immigrants specially from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, because of political events in the neighboring countries, and some other reasons immigrated to this city. Approximately 170/000 foreign people live in Qom.

Source: Qom Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization

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