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Historical Houses

Haj Ali Khan Zand house:

This house is located in old historical part of the city called Cahar Mardan Area in Gozarqale alley. It belongs to the end of Qajar dynasty. (130 years ago)

Imam Khomeini,s (P.B.U.H.) House:

The house of Emam Khomeini in Qom, includes two floors, & it is very simple. This building is constructed in two floors. (Basement & first floor) The yard is located in southern part of the house. The roofed area is in north east and west of the house. The stairs divided the house into two parts, outside & inside. The hall on the east was the place in which Emam Khomeinipresented his lectures in last decades.

The House of Ayyatullah Brujerdi:

It is located in Chaha Mardan Street and it belongs to Qajar dynasty. This is a very old house in which many historical important events took place.
Some other historical houses of Qom, which remain form Qajar dynasty, are:
The house of Ayyatullah Haj Sheikh Abdulkarim Haeri Yazdi (the founder of Qom seminary school and Emam Khomeini,s professor) located in Taleqani street, Yazdanpanah house located in Bajak street, House of Sayyid Baqer Ruhani next to Kozarqale mosque, Tavakul House in Taleqani in street House of Sayyid Haji Rohani opposite Emam Sadeq (a.s.) mosque & Shakeri house in Taleqani street.

Source: Qom Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization

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