Qom Government :

The first national guild Industrial Park
Nowadays, furniture and wood industry is changed to an important industry in the world.
In Qom Province, more than 4000 manufacturing plants, related to wood industry are active. They have created employment opportunity for 64000 persons, directly and indirectly. According to statistics, Qom Province is among the most important provinces in this respect.
According to official statistics, due to infrastructure problem and lack of organizing and strategic management over 70% of wood products of Qom Province, is exported to all over the nation and even foreign countries, in form of raw materials or semi-products. Upon establishment of appropriate infrastructures, for which Ghanavat Industrial Park is suitable ground, removing unemployment and creating employment opportunities, increase of gross production, exchange generation and finally, great change in wood industry of Qom Province.
Ghanavat Industrial Park, with an area of over 140 Hectares, is located at the 3-km of Garmsar Road, which may provide concentrated services through gathering activists in the said industry from the first stage of supply of raw materials, construction, completion and offering so that we shall not witness existing problems and Qom shall find its real position in the said industry.
Providing infrastructure services, desirable and balanced distribution of provincial facilities, prevention of scattering, orientation of activists with other provincial potentials, establishment of permanent exhibition sites for the said Park, and change of Ghanavat Industrial Park to an industrial and tourism place of handicrafts are among the most important plans, which shall be realized upon commissioning of the said Park.
Closeness to the city of Qom
It has a zone for public site.
Adjacency to Qom-Garmsar Highway
Distance from Qom-Kashan Highway: 6 km
Priority of establishment of affiliated industry to carpentry
The said Park has been introduced as the first national guild industrial park.



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